Higbee / Higby Picnic Association Higbee / Higby Picnic Association
This theme song was created by Glenda Irene Higbee and presented by her for the first time at the 66th annual Higbee / Higby Picnic on July 19, 1998.
The Higbee Picnic
Written by: Glenda Irene Higbee
July 1998
(Sing to the tune of "Take Me Out To the Ball Game")
Let's go out to the Picnic
The Higbee Picnic is fun
Relatives greetings of Hugs and Smiles
Make us so glad that we've traveled for miles
It's so good to be all together
Sharing food and fellowship too
So we'll see you
When we come back
To the Higbee Picnic!!!
Dedicated to my Family
From:  Glenda Irene Higbee
Daughter of:  Glenn A. Higbee and Irene Bever Higbee
Granddaughter of:  Samuel J. Higbee and Emily J. Higbee
Higbee / Higby Picnic Association
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